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Grow or die. Brimacomb and Associates fuels emerging companies.

This is not a business for the faint of heart. Most emerging companies fail. That’s the reality. But they don’t fail for lack of energy or passion; oftentimes they fail because they simply do not have the resources to make it all happen. That’s where we come in.

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Rick Brimacomb — Founder

Rick Brimacomb

Rick began advising and investing in emerging companies as a venture capitalist in 1991 and has helped numerous companies develop into “investment grade” opportunities, attract funding and create shareholder value. Brimacomb & Associates, founded 2005, gives Rick a platform to assist business leaders in refining strategies, assembling resources and securing funding. Prior to launching his own firm, Rick co-founded the Sherpa Partners venture capital fund. He is an advisor to several companies, founder of Club Entrepreneur and The Network Connect and a past President of the Minnesota Venture Capital Association.

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Brimacomb & Associates provides customized strategic and financial advice, ranging from strategy, to corporate development efforts, to fundraising activities. Each business is unique, so we take the time to get to know our clients. You do not want a cookie-cutter approach when you are trying to assess new markets and build your company. The margin of victory is too narrow for that.

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Club E is a community of business professionals who meet each month for networking, idea sharing and presentations from some of the country’s most respected innovators, catalysts and thought leaders.

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Chief Relationship and Strategy Officer for a number of leading professional services firms. Rick helps companies by generating referrals, creating platforms for developing new relationships and conducting strategic consultations for business leaders.

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Rick’s interest in Mexican culture began 40 years ago when his family welcomed a young exchange student from Mexico City, Juan Sanchez Mejorada, who became his lifelong friend and business associate. Rick has visited Mexico more than 25 times, and he’s passionate about creating a welcoming business climate between the two countries.  Brimacomb & Associates gives Rick a platform to assist business leaders in refining strategies, assembling resources, and securing funding.  In addition, Rick and Juan have the ability to create partnership and distribution opportunities in Mexico and throughout Latin America.

“You will be lucky to get Rick to work for you.”
Eric Taipale, Co-Founder and CEO, Sentera | Client of Brimacomb & Associates since 2015
“Rick has been a trusted partner, helping to facilitate (and challenge) Irish Titan’s growth. His assistance in creating awareness, developing partnerships, positioning strategies, and deal facilitation has contributed greatly to our growth over the last few years. Rick is full of integrity, can be trusted, and has a sharp business mind.”
Darin Lynch, Founder and Chief Liberation Office, Irish Titan | Client of Brimacomb & Associates since 2013
“An established Twin Cities professional with a wide network of decision makers, influencers and financial executives. His efforts have given our organization access to new resources and helped us to form new relationships.”
Mike Bromelkamp, Principal of Olsen Thielen | Client of Brimacomb & Associates since 2009
“Rick helped us evaluate companies of interest for an acquisition and provided excellent insight on the market valuations as well as negotiating strategies to deliver the best return on our investment.  Rick has also helped us with some strategic financial decisions.   He provides a high level of value in what he beings to the table plus he has a very valuable network of resources at his disposal that he leverages very effectively.  Rick is great to work with!”
Dave Arndt, Controller, The Smead Manufacturing Company | Client of Brimacomb & Associates since 2014

Brimacomb & Associates refines strategies,
assembles resources and secures funding.

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