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    CLUB E | MINNEAPOLIS - New Year. New You. Healthier Employees.

    Minneapolis Club
    729 2nd Ave S, Minneapolis, MN, United States

    New Year. New You. Happier Employees

    Corporate Wellness has been proven that healthy workers not only perform better, but also enjoy greater job satisfaction and engagement, plus an overall sense of wellness outside the workplace. Please join our Panelists as they speak on the various topics covering overall Corporate Wellness: Corporate Health Solutions | Smart Eating | Mindfulness

    Mary Kruse, President/CEO HealthSource Solutions, LLC. The goal of HealthSource is to provide high quality innovative approaches to corporate wellness, delivered with passion and integrity. HealthSource is known for their ability to implement strategies and plans so companies receive the greatest return on health and a positive shift in culture.

    Chef Marshall O’Brien, Founder and CEO of the Chef Marshall O’Brien Group. Using Smart Nutrition for better performance, less stress and body pain, as well as being safer on the job is what the Chef Marshall O’Brien Group is all about.

    Jes Rosenberg is a national yoga educator, a leader in the wellness community, and committed to helping students live an inspired life through MNDFUL Happier Hours. Her passion for mindfulness and movement has allowed her to cultivate a uniquely blended teaching style to find alignment on and off the yoga mat.

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    Minneapolis Club
    729 2nd Ave S, Minneapolis, MN, United States


    “You’ve got to know when to hold’em, Know when to fold’em” — a line from a Kenny Rogers song — is an apt metaphor for the life of small businesses in a competitive marketplace. Growth is essential to a company’s success, not easy to achieve and even more difficult to sustain. The likelihood of continued growth is an important consideration when deciding to build or sell a business. To help entrepreneurs prepare for all facets of the grow or go decision, and introduce them to local experts who can serve as trusted resources, Upsize and Club E will host this two-hour luncheon workshop to be held at the Minneapolis Club on January 17, 2017.

    Who should attend? CEOs, presidents, owners, partners, business leaders and builders of growth-oriented companies.

    What is the format? UPSIZE and CLUB E will assemble a panel to present helpful information and answer questions from the audience. The panel will combine the advice of sponsor/experts — people who make their living serving and advising growing companies — with the first-person accounts of business owners who are running fast-growth companies.



    Highland Bank

    Sunbelt Business Advisors

    Tech Guru

    L. Harris Partners

    Sandvold Financial Group
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    Olsen Thielen CPAs and EBITDA Partners: The Fertilizer Mix for Business


    Olsen Thielen CPAs and EBITDA Partners invite you to attend the next session of their educational seminar series that will be held on Wednesday, January 18, 2017 at Olsen Thielen’s Roseville office, 2675 Long Lake Road. We strive to expose business owners to concepts and systems that may be worthy of further exploration and examination.  Doors open at 7:30 a.m. for registration and networking and the seminar starts promptly at 8:00 a.m. and wraps up by 9:30 a.m.

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    The Fertilizer Mix for Business

    Presented by:
    Rick Brimacomb

    Brimacomb + Associates

    Rick Brimacomb, principal of Brimacomb + Associates and career venture capitalist, shares the success strategies he’s seen work in over 30 years of working with organizations and entrepreneurs at all stages of growth, and at all stages of the economy. What’s in your control and what isn’t? Where should you apply the most energy? The least? Rick has distilled his learnings into a rapid-fire delivery that will get any entrepreneur energized for the New Year and ready to take on the next phase of growth.

    Rick began advising and investing in emerging companies as a venture capitalist in 1991 and has helped numerous companies develop into “investment grade” opportunities, attract funding and create shareholder value. Brimacomb & Associates, founded 2005, gives Rick a platform to assist business leaders in refining strategies, assembling resources and securing funding. Prior to launching his own firm, Rick co-founded the Sherpa Partners venture capital fund. He is an advisor to several companies, founder of Club Entrepreneur and The Network Connect and a past President of the Minnesota Venture Capital Association.



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