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Wherever you’re at, Brimacomb and Associates will help you move forward.

People + Ideas = Money

Forming a new company? Moving beyond early-adopter customers? Looking to scale an existing company? You deserve to work with an advisor who understands your needs and speaks your language. Driving growth is not easy. We deeply understand that. Rest assured Brimacomb and Associates has been there and done that.

It is not just a question of money. With the right mix of management team, plan and idea, you can get money almost anywhere. The real question is: Who will help give you the tools you need to get that idea off the ground? To the next level?

We can.

Brimacomb & Associates is a results-oriented advisory firm finely tuned to operate in an environment where there never is enough time, people, resources and money. Our access to professional resources, executive suites and financing sources around the globe will make us an invaluable partner in your launch effort.

“Rick has been an extremely important advisor for me. He tackles my business problems as if he were standing in my shoes. His network is wide and deep, and he’s a bona fide connector. I look to him as a coach, strategist, networker for financing help, and an important sounding board on high-level decisions. He’s been an incredibly strong force in getting FourCubed through some ‘interesting’ times and helping set us up for success. I feel lucky to be working with him.”

Chris Carlson, Founder and CEO of FourCubed
Client of Brimacomb & Associates since 2011

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